Khamis, 2 September 2010


- No meeting required either with up line/down line.

- Save your precious time.

- Don't need a huge capital to start a business only onetime RM50 registration
membership for life that's all.

- Don't have to sell products, all transaction of registration buying/selling are
handled by the company

- Products are delivered by post FREE.

- No training required.

- No expenses for any seminar or classes.

- It's truly a kind of part time job and you just put an effort only once for your
whole life time.

- We are willing to meet and guide you.

- All products are entirely produced by our factory, located at Johor Bahru,
Malaysia. (100% Malaysian Made)

- Best quality products which follow world standard and with Halal Certification.

- All commission will be updated daily throughout office hours and you can check any
time you wish, either online.

- We are transparent, sincere and honest.

- We are most happy to welcome you to our head office and factory anytime you wish.

- Very important : (Your Bank Account) - Please state clearly your account and
account number because remittances will be done through internet banking.

- Upon registration you are highly encourage to immediately promote to your friends
and relatives to join under you. For a FREE member they are considered as pre-
registered member, (system will not automatically arranged him/her into the
hierarchy), and he/she might lose any "auto sponsor" down line members (down line sponsored by computer) and commission.


The main objective of this Mahkota2u program is to enable you to earn a reasonable income, say, as much as your half monthly salary, or even more.

This kind of business is well known around the world. You could earned a 5 figure income through this system. Come and join us in this latest e-business. We just want to share it with you for you to generate more income. This program is designed to motivate you and to boost your income.

As a member, you are eligible to have a FREE WEBSITE / referral website with no cost, products sent to you and your member FREE. The website will be located under our server. Hence, its speed is much faster than any other free hosting. But most exciting is, you get profit, UNEXPECTEDLY. So...forward it to your friends, relatives, and others.

This program is not like any other MLM system because you can get unlimited members, just online. It doesn't matter how many members join you will still get your income, unlike MLM the more people join the less you get.

It's actually the idea of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," an investor, entrepreneur, and educator who is an inspiration on money making and investment. He once said that " If you want something, you need to sacrifice other thing". This program is a combination of the IT + Internet Marketing + Member To Member delivery. Thus its really a great program. The response is overwhelming.

If you study The Books of popular author, "The road to prosperity is wide open for those who use their brain to grab the opportunity". Are you afraid of making a loss just by a free registration? It is up to you to grab it or not. Think about the unexpected profit you are going to make.

How Does It Work?


It couldn't be simpler!

We've streamlined our entire process to ensure ease of use.

The process is as follows: Visitor register as member.

You earn money for every new member with a pack of Mahkota Dewa Coffee 14 in 1.

You decide when the payouts by clicking the e-wallet transfer.

Risk FREE -

Yes, absolutely!

With our MAHKOTA2u program everyone can earn every day!

You will earn residual.

Also you can be absolutely new to use our system - you don't have to have ANY experience.

That's really simple. --